About Me

My name is Mengo, Welcome to my blog!

Initially trained as an Aeronautical Engineer, I had a love for aircraft and the way they worked but I later realized that the work was too routine and did not give me much opportunity to experiment and even further deep down I had a love for Communications, People and Marketing. That is how I set myself up for Positions in Sales, Customer Service and later Marketing and Communication. I developed great interest in Branding and Image especially on digital platforms for Reputation and Trust; and this led me to deep personal studies and to the realization of how much careful and intentional Branding alone can influence the amount and level of results that can be achieved by Corporates, Individuals or even Political Organizations and Politicians.

I went on to open myself up to more opportunities to work with Personalities, Corporates and Political Organizations on Brand Story, Brand Strategy and Execution of Personal Brand Campaigns and Marketing.

Africa in itself is facing a Branding problem that is affecting various sectors of her Economy, Politics and Social issues. I made a decision to be a part of this branding revolution for Africa for as long as it lasts, through growth of Personal Brands within the African Landscape.


Mengo Concepts

At Mengo Concepts ® we will help you align with the current digital wave, get you in it and have your Brand claim its stake and bite a chunk of the cake. It is here that we build brands specifically for the purpose of legacy, how do you want your brand to be known or remembered? Exactly where we come in.

Here are our main areas of Focus:

Public Figures & Personalities

The future of branding is personal, or so they say. We intend to attract only serious individuals committed to investing in themselves to build a formidable brand in the marketplace and work with them to build Authority, Trust and a great Reputation. We will also walk the journey with you, using Personal Branding to Scale your business and create great results.


For long, political Parties and Politicians have operated in archaic styles but the world has moved forward and left them behind. Can I give you some homework? Find out how branding and digital campaigning gave Obama an edge in the 2008 and 2012 Elections, also see how digitization of trump’s campaign gave him an edge.

Politicians and Political organizations are brands that if carved out properly with clear Strategy can catapult to heights unimaginable. A digital Strategy could be well in political terms be called “A political Air War” which indeed aids the ground war and boosts coverage of ground.


Are you being edged out by competition? Are you looking to Scale?

Its time to leverage the personal Brands of the CEO and Top executives of your company to help you connect more with your clientelle.

If you aren’t where you want to be, there probably is something you are doing or you aren’t doing. A discussion with us will help you see what those ahead of you doing and how they are coping with the current marketing strategies that are known to work today. We will get you into the digital wave and help you to surf, have fun and make money!

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