Why Should I do Business with you?

Clients ask themselves many questions before they buy from you but the most important and emotional question they ask themselves is: Why should I do business with you?

Attributes and your Target Market

This would be a great place to start when you are looking to form the leading attribute of your personal brand. Of course you have many attributes, some examples would include; creative, ambitious, energetic, flexible, skilled, consistent, organized, quick, qualified, accountable, enthusiastic, disciplined, credible, decisive and many more. Find out at least 5 particular attributes that your target market is looking for in a professional like you. From these also in line with your personality, you can choose one that will be the leading attribute for your personal brand.

You will also notice that people that admire those kind of attributes will definitely align with you, if not align your attributes with what your market is looking for. If the market is looking for a sharp and quick professional then you have to strive to be just that and even more. Furthermore I believe Personal branding is also a process of intensive self-improvement, use it to your advantage.

People know your attributes because you make sure they know them, and everything you do and say reinforces the impression of these attributes and your life must be congruent with these attributes.

Who you serve and what you do for them.

Who you serve and what you do for them helps you to filter your market and narrow the scope of your brand. Most people love to use this as their tagline which is okay, you are being totally upfront about what you do specifically and especially for who. Those who fall in the category you are targeting will definitely align with you and what you do, it makes them confident also knowing that your expertise is specialized and aimed specifically at them, they believe that you deeply understand their needs and that your solutions are tailor made for them. The same category of people know you have experience dealing with people like themselves who may have similar problems as them, you inspire confidence and trust.

How do you want to be known?

Very important question for a personal brand. How you want to be known will define your behaviors and actions, even speech. If you want to be known as a no-nonsense professional you will act, talk and behave in a manner to reinforce a no nonsense attitude. The same would apply if you want to be known as a mellow, easy to approach and easy going person. You have to be consistent at it. Sometimes these behaviours and mannerisms may change also depending on the audience and environment you are in to be able to communicate your message effectively; but consistency inspires trust and dependability.

Put together your leading attribute, who you serve and how you want to be known to help you come out clearly to your target market.

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