Personal Branding for Heads of Non-Profits

Heads of Charities, NGOs and Foundations, this is a good fit for you. Your personal brand is paramount to the success of the organization you are leading. People that work with you and support you financially or even in terms of volunteering are inspired by your vision, values and character. In short your personality defines who aligns with you and who does not.

First of all, come from behind your corporate brand and come out front. Be the image of your organization and communicate what you deeply feel about your vision, mission and impact, you will see different results.

Clear communication of Vision

Communicate with clarity who you are, and why you chose to do what you do. Why should we come on board to partner with you and why us?

These questions ought to be clear to the people you are targeting to partner with in your projects. When you come out clearly they understand what you are looking for and who you’d like to work with, it would be wrong to work with the assumption that anyone can get involved. Inspire trust by being at the forefront and an integral part of the work that goes on in your organization.


Media is your friend

Get on to publicizing your dream, let it be known far and wide what a world of difference your work will make and don’t shy from asking those interested in your kind of work to partner with you because you believe you are the best they can work with for this particular type of project or segment.

Social media is a great tool to use but ensure you have guidance from social media professionals and content creators. They will help you create a content plan you can follow for the best results.

Traditional media is still pretty good especially for professionals, new day radio is actually proving to be one of the best marketing tools there are out here. Some people get media consultants/agents to help them get to the best fit of TV, Radio programs or even magazine segments. If you can’t afford an agent you can do your own research and contact show hosts requesting for an interview or a feature.


Document your work and impact, then tell the world

Many charity organizations have not documented their work well, especially in formats that go well with new media. If you have been in existence over 5 years, I wouldn’t know why you don’t have a short documentary on your organization’s work, successes, challenges and the progress you are making in terms of changing lives. Sometimes its good to mention figures here and there to show transparency and help people figure out roughly what the impact of your work has been. Short videos and photographs every now and then are great and if you have a little money promote your content to targeted audiences again with the help of a professional digital marketer that will help you to do it right.



I know that these days most non-profit organizations employ/contract professionals that help them with fundraising, which actually is a brilliant idea. I just ask myself hoe much better it would have been if the head of the organization would be at the forefront and public about raising money, intentionally. I know the results wouldn’t be the same because as I mentioned earlier, the head is the vision bearer and everything they say comes from heart, and this being a highly emotional industry, the bearer of the vision would do a great job at this, of course with the support of other professionals who are good with Fundraising.


Your Image

The way you show up determines so much about the outcome of meetings and/or speeches, as a matter of urgency, work on your wardrobe with the help of an image consultant.

The next most important thing in showing up is what comes out of your mouth, work on your communication skills. Speak more, to practice public speaking, join public speaking clubs and for some people hiring a speaking coach goes a long way in helping you become comfortable before audiences. Improvement never stops, keep at it as regularly as you can.

With the above tips it will help to have a somewhat different perspective of your work and impact when you consider your personal brand an asset you can leverage for better results!

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