The Future of Branding is Personal!

I recently did my own survey on Linkedin within my connections to find out what professionals thought of personal branding and whether or not they believed it affected their careers and business. I realized that many of the professionals had already heard of Personal Branding but had not given it any serious consideration. This I believe is as a result of not knowing how exactly to go about branding oneself and even how exactly it can be of value to their business and career.

Among those who had a clue of what personal branding is had come in contact with one of the components of personal branding which is Personal Grooming and Image. I would first like to acknowledge the consultants who have given their time and resources to teach about this concept and that it is the most recognized components of personal branding especially in Africa, where I did my personal Survey.

Another group that I managed to talk to were mostly professionals in the Marketing and PR profession. They seemed to be very informed about personal branding and most of them were actually in the process of building their personal brands. Some knew about personal branding but were still not sure when they would start working on theirs.

Sales professionals didn’t seem to have taken personal branding very seriously but were more focused on personal development which certainly is a plus.

Consultants and entrepreneurs seemed to me like the ones who really appreciated the value of building their personal brand for they knew that much of their business success was dependent on them especially them being the vision driver of their business. But again reluctance was also common among this group too.

My conclusion therefore was that even more education on Personal branding is required for us to see that we need it in our business and careers. The future of branding is personal, I just saw that quote in a TEDX speech just recently and agreed 100 percent.

Most entrepreneurs doing very well currently have leveraged their personal brands heavily to build everything around them and everything they touched seemed to work. This is because they have already built a strong personal brand upon which all other things around them grow.

What are you doing about your personal brand? The best time to have started working on your personal brand would have been when you started your career, but the next best time is today! Stick around every Monday and Thursday for valuable posts on Personal Branding and Leadership.

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