How to attract Ideal Clients

How do you attract the right type of clients, first of all it comes down to the concept of the Ideal client of any business. Have you as an entrepreneur sat down and written all the characteristics of your ideal client? Do you know their purchasing behavior, do you know where they are found, do you know where they spend their money? Do you know their ages? Their geographical Locations? This process may appear tedious and tiring but I tell you this is the compass of your business, it will direct each and every of your strategies and efforts you are going to employ in your business henceforth. Most people go through this process ‘in their heads’ and have nothing properly written down and therefore their business strategy ends up being swayed by winds that seem to make sense to their business every once in a while, which can be disastrous.

The second part that most people forget is THEMSELVES, the most important part of their business. Who are you? What are you all about? What makes you unique or different? Write everything down about yourself as relates to your business. Remember to be honest with yourself and that this could as well define if the business is for you or not. Take your time, do a SWOT analysis of yourself and find ways to compliment your weaknesses either by Hiring or Outsourcing, find a way to maximize your Strengths and Opportunities and ways to deal with you Threats.

Today is attraction Marketing 101

A common saying goes ‘you try selling to everyone and you end up selling to no one’. Having a particular tribe you sell to helps you actually become the best at what you do to that particular group, in my belief this is how authority is built.

Content Strategy

What problems are common in your audience and how does your business intend to solve them? Your strategy for content should be aimed more at helping your audience solve the problems they go through. This is provision of value to your market, value is the only language the market understands. What kind of content does your audience consume? What words and phrases is your audience familiar with? Words and phrases that your audience is familiar with will help you connect with your audience making them feel ‘you are just like them’. This kind of information will guide you to be able to come up with a proper strategy for the content you put out. What is the why behind every service that you provide to that audience? Writing articles and doing video content on why your market needs your particular service will help get word out there on what you do. Remember to do this in a value provision way without appearing salesy. More like “why a personal brand needs a professionally designed website” than “We can help you have a professionally designed website”. Follow Gary Vaynerchuck, he is the grandmaster of the sect of Content, thank me later.

 Audience Communities

Join communities with people that are part of your target audience and ensure you add value in those particular communities, be it online or offline. Attend seminars and networking events where you are likely to meet like-minded people and clients. This is a great way to get the word out about what you you do. Remember to carry your personal brochure and business cards when you go to these events, it will help you connect with more people and remember your personal brochure is a connecting tool and not a marketing tool. I have afore written an article on personal brochures, you can read more there.

Online, and on social media join groups and communities that have like-minded people and prospects for your business. Not necessarily to hunt them down with sales pitches but to add value to the communities. Take part in discussions and sometimes even start up discussions that add value to the community and members therein, this will help you build authority upon your brand and come off as a go-to person for the services you provide.

Express yourself and your beliefs

This can be a bit tough and misunderstood for most people but it’s simple. Don’t try to appear bigger than you really are by talking others down, instead try to foster an understanding of what you do in a clear and respectful way whist maintaining your stand in the issues you believe in. Try as much as possible to be reasonable with everyone. One of the strongest pillars upon which you build your personal brand is to be your best authentic self, fearlessly expressing your beliefs and selling your unique points, what makes you different because to be honest with you, lots of people offer the same services you offer! We are working on selling YOU, the one unique thing about your business and getting people to trust your brand.

Advertising, Marketing and Branding

I was fortunate enough the other day to watch a video interview done by Grant Cardone. He remarked that he had worked so hard (we all know very few can outwork grant Lol) and later realized that his competitors were still beating him in revenues and he asked himself what exactly the missing link was. Yes, yes your guess is right, He was just making money and piling it and was not spending on his Advertising Marketing and branding of his business. That was the ‘Aha!’ moment for him and his business and you can see where grant is today!

Business is not doing well? Most likely, people don’t know you exist! Set aside some of your revenue and spend It on marketing, branding and Advertising, again done by professionals, don’t guess your way through you might end up wasting more cash that you had rather not done it at all. Seek professional help and advice and ensure you get the best results from every campaign.

I tried covering the areas I consider most important in attracting your ideal clients but hey I’m open to you sharing more ideas and thoughts in the comments!

Go get ‘em!

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