How to take your Business Online the Easy Way

Is your business Online?

This is a question I ask and most people aren’t able to give a proper answer especially small business owners and many that are starting out including consultants. Some will give you a very firm YES but you’ll be astounded to find that all they have is a website or just a Facebook page! Is this all?

Of course not but it’s a good place to start, first of all by securing your own online identity ( It also means that you have got all social media handles and are actively participating in conversations and social media groups in your industry. And by participating I mean adding value to other individuals and businesses as you prospect for new business. It also means you are well able to be consistent in providing useful content and value to the market place. The only language the market understands is VALUE. So said a very wise marketer whose name I might not remember, but I remember his/her words.


Where Do I start?

First of all like any other business, sit and First Describe yourself and your Services, then list down all the characteristics of your Ideal Client. This simple-looking but tedious process will help you sift through the crowd and find the client that loves your products who will come to you time and time again; it will also help also find out WHERE to find these types of clients.


Choose your Online Identity

How would you like to be known online? Most of us already have business names under which we operate or our brand names. Look for a good hosting company and register your domain, ( this way you have already secured your online identity. I personally prefer .com because it gives you that ‘global’ outlook that some of us desire but you can always make a choice if you want one with your country domain like our own here in Kenya would be


Get a good Web Designer/Developer

Depending on your needs, find someone that is good with web design and web development and tell them your needs, they will be able to translate that into a proper website that communicates what your business is about and is able to bring clients into your funnel. Please find a designer or a developer that as business sense, someone that can be in your shoes and understand exactly what you need and how that website is going to ultimately contribute to your business revenue. Please don’t go cheap, don’t ask for your brother’s friend’s cousin to do it for you, get a professional. I have met many clients who claim that they want ‘just a simple site’ and they later had some regrets. Find and good designer and pay them for what the work is worth. Again, even a simple site takes work.


Social Media

Everyone these days has branded themselves a social media ‘guru’ simply because they get likes on their photos and are able to do ‘boosting’ here and there. Social Media as a whole requires strategy from a good social media marketer. Remember not all businesses work on all social media platforms. And you will soon find out in your campaigns that your business is more suited to a particular platform and marketing will teach you that you should invest more of your time, resources and energy on that particular platform that is performing better than the others.

So it is only wise to create handles on all platforms, start contributing content and value. Above everything remember they are called “Social” platforms so socialize more than you sell, don’t oversell and under-socialize. Most people make this mistake and to make it worse some of them are overselling using their personal accounts. Create a separate business account and still don’t oversell and under-socialize.


Paid Advertising and Paid Traffic

Most people run away from cost of advertising and you would wonder how they expect to go beyond what they are currently making in revenue. Not to say that there aren’t free ways to market your business online but paid advertising and paid traffic have their will take you a floor higher in your business revenue targets. Find time and look up Frank Kern’s videos on paid online advertising, you will have heard from an expert on internet marketing of over 20 years.

Paid advertising will also narrow down on the specific target audience you are looking for and there is a high likelihood of your Ad reaching people who are actually looking for your service making your odds of nailing a sale higher. If you are not familiar with doing your own ads ensure to get the help of an experienced social media marketer and they will show you how to get the most out of a single ad with good targeting and language.


Communication and Content

Ensure the language you use in your content communicates very well with the audience that you are targeting. Use the words and phrases which that audience is familiar with and this will help you to connect easily with them and increase engagement in your content. Content without engagement is of no use, since the sale, which is what we are looking for, comes from engagement on blog posts, social media posts and stories. Find out the interests of your target audience and ensure to give them content that is in their interests and you will never have to worry about engagement.



Timing of your content is important. There are studies that have been done on social media behavior at particular times and these published studies can help guide you on what times you need to put out your content. It will also not hurt to experiment by yourself to see what particular times and days give you the most engagement on your posts. After you establish the right times then the next step is to be consistent with those particular timelines and have your audience expecting content at particular times of the day or particular days of the week. Also consider the online behaviour of your target audience and you might actually nail the right times to post your content.


You can get in touch with me and I will help you get your business online with results. Go to the contact page and write me a short note and I will quickly get back to you.



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