Personal Brochure or Business Card?

Business Card Vs Personal Brochure

Are you a consultant, Coach, or business owner in Personalized Professional Service? Still on personal Branding, we are further enhancing the effect of your personal brand using personalized branding material. Business cards are really good for networking I agree but how many business cards do you have yourself that you have never given a second look since they were last given to you? What is this one document/piece that will leave an impression? Enter the Personal Brochure!

The personal brochure is not designed to be a marketing tool but a connecting tool. A tool that will help the person you met in an elevator or in a networking event be able to connect with you even before the next meeting or in the least want to meet you a second time. But how? You may ask. Part of the content in a personal brochure is your picture. How out of place would a picture look on a business card? Only those who have tried can tell us but I bet ya its not nice. But the personal Brochure would look even nicer with a picture. The other content is a personal story on the brochure; this allows your prospect to look at you differently and it makes them feel that they know you, we all know how stories are good at connecting with people. Also have your services listed on the brochure but the highlight of the brochure is your personal story. Your contact details including your website and social media handles can be included in too, but remember it is not a marketing tool but rather a connecting tool.


Brochure Design

Ensure it is done by a professional graphic designer, don’t go cheap please, this is more of a first impression of your business to your clients. They see it and it gives them a feel of your business or quality of service. Let it also have your company colours for uniformity, consistency and familiarity of your brand. Ditch the common-place 3 fold A4 brochure and embrace a unique size that can be carried around and at least fits in an A5 size diary/notebook. The smaller the better, but insist on high quality high resolution design. Also my people, don’t go cheap on the printing, ensure you do high quality glossy paper printing. You had rather have a few brochures that you give to highly targeted prospects but leave a lasting impression.


Your Picture

Use a professionally done photograph, if possible one that shows you in action, professionally dressed. Action photographs are good because they show you in your hustle, if you are a speaker, let it be a picture of you during a speaking engagement, if you are a dentist, let it be a picture of you in full regalia with a patient, this further enhances the effect of your professionalism on your personal brand. Imagine the picture of a witchdoctor’s poster with him wearing a suit in an office with a laptop, looks fake? Yes to me it does haha. You would expect to see him in animal hides and amulets and charms around him etc, that is branding.

It should be a picture where one can see your face clearly and both shoulders, it should be one that if I looked at it well and met you on the street I can recognize you. Atleast smile in the picture and have a look that communicates warmth and a good personality.


Your Story

Be brief and unto the point. Don’t tell us about how your first day of kindergarten was and how you forgot to carry lunch one day and you stayed hungry the whole day. Give us the parts of your story that are relevant to your business today but try and come off as inspiring and this is also a good place to raise curiosity and have people want to know more about you and what you do.

Remember to tell us why you were inspired to do what you do and who you are looking to help with your expertise.


Your Services

List the services you provide but don’t highlight them more than your story, try your best not to appear salesy and allow the tool to do what it should, connect, not sell. Have a small section of the brochure listing your services, if you are using a double sided brochure let the services come on the back, if it is one sided let the services be listed last, they are not the highlight of the brochure.


Contact Details

Have your website, phone number, physical address and social media handles on the brochure. Those who need more information about your business and your services can be able to connect with your further from here.


Let me help you design your personal brochure and see your business take a different turn, get in touch with me and lets do your Personal Brochure today!

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