The Entrepreneurial Employee

The search for this kind of employee has mostly proven futile because of what most people refer to as “system settings” that have not been easy to undo for most individuals, most of us are simply looking for security, not growth. The system has prepared us to be obedient and protocol-following to be able to grow through the tight corporate structure, the system doesn’t like entrepreneurial disruption. You would also agree that to survive the current corporate structure and climb the ladder requires one being a good politician, well, story for another day. In short the system prepared us for jobs, notwithstanding the fact that some of us were half baked by the time we got out and we survived through cramming and studying for exams. The current employer is looking to employ someone with a mind for business, someone that can see things through the eye of the employer and therefore be made to do what is required to push the organization forward. Many have run away from employment to “be our own bosses” without enough training, mentorship and capital and therefore end up in the wrong hands of life, give up, and ultimately came back crawling in employment. These individuals most times do not thrive in employment mainly because of issues of attitude and they therefore just survive through and wait for retirement.

I am not here to give any proven solutions to either the work-life balance or ‘Be Your Own Boss’ life but to really try and help us find out if there is a better way. You can still determine your earnings, do what you love and make as much as you want in Employment, yes you can. This is the entrepreneurial employment am alluding to. Talk to salespersons in insurance, marketing professionals, network marketing professionals, affiliate marketers and top executives in some corporations and they will tell you this is true. Most companies nowadays hire and pay according to the value you bring. One can therefore decide to choose an organization that agrees with that they want to do as a person, have a discussion with the organization on how you can earn according to your efforts and what you bring in to the organization. Trust me, most organizations would love to have discussions like this with employees but do we want that? The advantage of this kind of employment over starting your own business is that you are able to utilize your business acumen and still work like an entrepreneur without necessarily going through the initial struggles of starting a business, many of which we are well aware of. Piece of advice, please ensure you involve yourself in something you love doing and can commit to, only results and learning will follow.

Any time the word performance is mentioned in an office meeting all heads face the floor, we need to learn to look at the word performance more like opportunity. Especially when there are incentives tied to it. I was first introduced to the word “target” in my first sales job and the atmosphere it brought to the sales floor created a profound fear in me of the word and what it meant in terms of our peace and happiness in the office. Only to realize later that targets are actually what you need to spur your organization forward either as an entrepreneur or as an employee. Even if not for incentives, how about your personal growth? Don’t you need targets? How about that good feeling you get after achieving what you have planned out? Growth is what any individual should be looking out for before they join any organization and being asked to show performance or meet certain targets in the job is a sure way to show that growth in that organization is inevitable for you as an employee as long as you put in effort.

Most people get intimidated in interviews and shy from asking serious questions that could well determine their growth in that organization. Remember an interview is a discussion between you and your prospective employer one; to gauge whether you are the right person for the position in that organization, second and most importantly to you, if the organization is the right fit for your skills, growth aspirations and dreams. Always ask questions to find out if the organization is right for you even in terms of the organizational cultures, beliefs and driving motivations. I have also talked to people claiming how they want to start their own business and any time they are pushed to do anything related sales and marketing they shy off and say they hate sales. Sales is the main driver of any business and if you refuse to learn how to sell and market, please let me know what methods you will use to sell what your business will be producing.

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