How to Overcome Stress in Entrepreneurship

I have made it a personal commitment to try as much as possible to cover practicable topics on my blog and dedicated so much to action because that is what mainly the object between us and our dreams is. Something just struck me this week that I thought I must cover and therefore hope it will be of help to my fellow entrepreneurs, read on!

Just how much can frustration and/or stress affect business? Emotional stress sometimes can escalate to different stages of depression depending on the person’s ability to deal with the stress that comes with it. This is mainly caused by high expectations on the returns of whatever venture it is that someone has undertaken. Many entrepreneurs especially in their first two years may end up a frustrated lot and therefore make their business become a part of the statistic that most startups don’t survive their 5th year of existence by giving up. Many forget that they themselves are the biggest asset of their business and that their well-being is paramount to the growth or in the least survival of that venture. Just how do we handle this?



They say gratitude is the shortcut to happiness. Find something to be grateful for every day of your life. This my friend could change your life forever. That every day before you go to bed have a reason to be thankful for, this also applies every morning you wake up and it brings a feeling of peace and abundance however little you have. You will remember to be thankful even for things that appeared bad but were indeed blessings in disguise.


Fix your attitude

This is a topic I have covered in one of my blogposts and much can be learnt there. Have a positive outlook on life and believe that in everything you are doing, you are planting seeds and they will ultimately mature into crops. Keep the action coming and keep the positive vibe. If possible, stay away from negative people who will most likely poison you.


Detach from the Outcome

Detaching oneself from the outcome of what you are doing most times has turned out to be something better said than done because we think after all why are we doing this? It’s because of the outcome, right? Nah, wrong! I will say it again, have a bigger why and sometimes I advise entrepreneurs to create and attitude of feeling like the person who didn’t buy from you actually lost an opportunity of acquiring a great product or service from you, this will help in keeping yourself detached from the outcome of whatever presentations or business pitching that you do.


Set realistic goals and expectations

Your expectations have to be realistic depending on the goals you have set, the time-frames you have allowed yourself and your daily activities as pertains that business. I do not mean that you should not dream. Dream much as you can, this life is of limitless opportunity and possibilities but ensure you don’t set goals that will end up frustrating you. Also remember to raise your standards in the things you do, this makes your dreams worthwhile and it will ensure you expand your goals every once in a while to keep pushing yourself. Again, nothing wrong with pushing yourself, but not too hard, know your limits.


Living in Day-Tight Compartments

One principle very much worth to live by ever since I read about it, again simple but not easy. Ever heard of living one day at a time? Exactly! Whatever your goals are, break them down to the day. This means that the 5 year long-term goal has its daily activities that make it achievable, breaking down goals makes them more doable. What are you doing every day that brings you closer to achieving your goals?


Action, Action, Action!

Ain’t nothing more motivating than action, the bread and butter of every venture. Massive action will keep you closer to achieving your goals and targets. This is the easiest way to get lucky. Just investigate the lives of those people you consider ‘lucky’ and you will realize that they take massive action each day and the seeds they plant keep sprouting every once in a while making others think they just get lucky. Take massive daily action and you will see yourself getting lucky.


Get inspiration

Start your day with inspirational material like motivational videos, inspirational books and verses. Some people actually get inspiration from poetry and other forms of literature. Whatever it is do it before starting your day to ensure you start on a positive and happy note, you just will most likely stay inspired through the day. Les Brown in this department has been known to do very well, I have heard some people listen to his messages before they leave the house and it keeps them motivated through the day. There is a whole lot of inspirational and motivational speakers out there and their materials are available online. Inspire yourself and don’t forget to inspire others, it will just keep the fire going as you go on with your daily activities.


There surely are numerous known ways out there that people use to overcome stress, but I just tried to filter through the most practicable that any entrepreneur can do staring right now! I recommend “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie, one of the best books I ever laid my hands on, read the part on ‘Eliminating Business Stress’. Very interesting.

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