The Extra Mile – A Road Less Travelled

The extra mile is a road less traveled. To some it could be one mile and to some it could be a thousand miles but the word here is EXTRA. How about actually going the extra mile in everything we do? Have you experienced the fulfillment that comes from going the extra mile? Have you reached the verge of giving up while going down this road? It should be what everyone ought to do, even Jesus taught about it when he said “if a man asks you to walk a mile, go with him two”. This is a simple truth yet not many have been able to understand its benefits. In every success story you must hear an extra mile gone, just how do you keep the resilience?


Know your WHY

Just why are you going an extra mile? It is worth it? Is it worth more than the negativity surrounding you? If it is, then I say it is worth doing anything for. Is it a promotion at work you are seeking? Are you looking to secure more business? Are you planning on doing better presentations? What is it you are seeking? Prepare to face slander, being made to feel like you are making others look like they’re not working, be prepared to be shunned and lectured at times and in the least be prepared to sometimes feel like you are being used! Depending on how big your WHY is, you will find strength to go over obstacles every day and keep on doing it, for only you knows WHY you are going on a road traveled by few. For those who would like to grow even in any field, this is your “shortcut” aspire to do more, every day.


Pain in the extra mile

Ever felt like you were being too charitable for your organization? Ever felt like you were being used? It feels even worse when you are going through these motions and you know you are doing it willingly. But hey, it is worth staying in the pain until the gain. Sometimes even colleagues would wonder why you are taking yourself through so much pain because they don’t understand your reasons. Some of those “friends” will come down to advise you to find better things to spend your time on, but a more cunning you will agree with them and keep on moving. I have been in the very same situation. Paid less, made to do more but I did it anyway, for the bigger goal of course, Learning and growing.


There is Learning in the extra miles traveled

Have you worked with those employees who always do everything around the office regardless of their job description? Going the extra mile means ditch the Job Description rhetoric. This is a good genesis of this wonderful habit. Entrepreneurs will tell you they have not yet experienced “job description”. They are secretaries, cleaners, accountants, especially when they are starting out. I still recall the words of Centum CEO James Mworia when he said he started as a clerk who helps in arranging files in the office, such a lowly position, but he was determined to learn everything in the company operations and it didn’t take long for everyone to notice how much he had gathered in the extra mile. Unless you decide to go an extra mile, there is little chance to learn new ideas and gather new knowledge. Anyone aspiring to learn needs to go the extra mile. Most of us have watched the TV show “Undercover Boss” What these bosses look for is employees going the extra mile and we have seen what kind of rewards they receive, these are only material rewards but the emotional reward is even bigger. The program is a good one to learn the extra mile from.


Is there a limit to going the extra mile?

I have met numerous people complaining about their jobs, myself included. Much of the excuses we cite are low pay. This can be quite ridiculous sometimes and you will find out that most complainers actually do the least. And the question I ask most people is, how much you would pay a person do exactly what you did last month. Many would start telling me how well their peers with the same job are paid in other organizations. This is not to say that everyone is paid accordingly, I agree that some organizations pay better than others but the idea here is to quit complaining and have a goal that is bigger than the money. For those citing lack of motivation I also advice that you instead choose to by motivated by your own personal objectives of learning and getting better; I can assure you, there is always someone watching, if not, there is a higher power seeing what you are doing. Keep doing it until it becomes a culture of yours, something that people identify you with, and this way you will meet excellence in anything you do, and you know what happens afterwards, success chases you pants down! This line I borrowed from the movie, 3 Idiots and Indian drama, so much to learn from this movie. It is about making it a habit, it becomes part of you and it does not have to stop! Do we stop taking showers? No! Personal Development therefore does not have to stop, we keep getting better by the day.

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