Attitude in Business

My first formal job was a sales job in a bank and in the training I saw FAB. Those in sales understand this as an acronym for Features, Advantages and Benefits. Look at any properly done advertisement and it is shouting BENEFITS! Skilled sales people have realized that closing a sale is 80% based on the benefits for they appeal to the emotions of the buyer. Buying is a function of the emotions aroused at the time of the purchase, buying is an emotional process, Logic comes in later to justify the purchase. Price, Features and Advantages also affect the sale but not as much as the Benefits, and if the customer is carefully targeted, Benefits could be all it takes to make that sale. So how do we get in touch with the emotions of the customer. I believe it is about our attitude.


Thought Process and Associations

Your thought process affects your attitude in business. If your mind is filled with negative thoughts, enthusiasm and excitement will be difficult to come by. Fill your mind with positive messages and believe in yourself and your product/service and your customers will believe too. Read inspirational texts or books, watch inspirational and motivational material to keep your moods up through the day.

Your associations, meaning the people around you will affect to a great extent much of what you are able to achieve as an individual. Find out if the people around you are adding value or pumping negativity into you. Try and spend little or no time at all with negative people, you cannot even cure them, so stay away from them.


Attitude and Product/Service

Did you know that the effectiveness and profitability of your business is affected a lot by your mental attitude? Most people in business today are there for the money, some when trying to venture into an area of business first ask about the returns and then question the business model and the product later. It has always been mentioned that solve a problem, and the world will be at your feet for your product regardless of price. I would like to say that this statement holds true to some degree but other factors also come into play to actually have to world at your feet. In my view THE PRODUCT?SERVICE affects your ATTITUDE. Have you first of all been sold fully to the product you are trying to sell? Are you a product of your product? These are questions any struggling salesperson or entrepreneur should ask themselves. It is hard to sell something you aren’t sold to while keeping integrity and honesty within the selling process. The world still hungers for businesses selling with integrity, businesses that really and honestly care for their clients.


Is your Business solving a Problem?

The problem solving attitude is crucial for business, this will keep you up even when sales are low, and your spirits will always be high after making a sale and knowing that you have impacted a life. How do you sell with confidence? It is by having the conviction that the person who rejects you product is simply not in a position that requires the help your product /service is meant to solve at the time and not really because your product isn’t good enough. Rejection for the problem solving entrepreneur is merely feedback! I have faced rejection before numerous times and I know exactly how it feels, but growing to a point of seeing rejection as merely feedback has taken me more years than I thought possible. Sometimes rejection could simply mean that the customer has not had enough information and they still have unanswered questions on your product/service and therefore giving up at the first rejection is being unjust to yourself. It is about going to that presentation with the conviction that you will close, with the attitude that your prospect needs to buy your product asap. This attitude will communicate importance and urgency to the buyer and reduce the turnaround time for a close in your sales process. This again, let us remember is more of a skill or an art that can be developed over time. Not overnight.


Communicating a Positive Attitude through Enthusiasm

Our business prospects read a lot in our presentations than we can actually think of. They study our body language, our speech, intonation etc. The most important communicants I have seen that can be used include a GREAT SMILE and EXCITEMENT. Excitement is the total attitude communicator. Does your product excite you every time you think of it? Does it make you sad that some people don’t already enjoy the excellent benefits of your product? Do you think your prospects needs it like yesterday? Do you already use the product or service? Communicate these issues with excitement and you will realize how contagious enthusiasm. Your enthusiasm will affect how you communicate the importance of your product to your prospects and therefore the turnaround time of your sales process.

Sometimes the product might not be what exactly the market needs and this could be the problem with us closing sales. This is where innovation comes in. Innovate you product as an answer to the needs and wants of your market. Looking at a perfect example in Kenya, have we wondered why Safaricom sales keep soaring evry year? Have you looked at how their products and services keep evolving after every few months? They listen to their customers and answer to their needs and wants and that keeps us going back every day.


Things to do

  1. Change your Mind
  2. Change / improve your inner circle
  3. Carry Enthusiam with you very morning you leave your house
  4. Ensure your business is solving a problem, if not innovate your product or service tailored to the needs and wants of your customers.
  5. Stay Positive!


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