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This should be another awakening to any individual that is currently struggling with their finances. Reading about finances, money matters, business magazines, attending seminars and all the other opportunities that people use to learn about money never seems to completely solve financial issues in peoples’ lives and they ask themselves why. This does not mean in any way that seeking opportunities to learn about finances is wrong, but it’s best to start with the very foundation of matters. The answer is here; work on your mental programming and belief system in relation to finances. Again, my main job here is to point out matters and guide you to resources that should give you much more detail relating to this particular issue. One man that has covered this area really well would be T. Harv Eker. Read his books and you will close your eyes and open your mouth with Aha! Sounds exaggerated, right? Look for his books, thank me later.


About Capacity

A simple example is a glass of water. If you have a half litre glass, it can only take half a litre of water and the rest will be a waste, doesn’t matter the size of the container that is pouring. All we know is that we can only save half a litre. This is to say that even you can only be able to keep as much as you capacity can hold. How much wealth can you hold? What is your capacity? The good news here is that we, as opposed to the glass of water are well able to expand the limits of our capacity, of course through personal development.

Look at lottery winners for instance, why do some of them end up broke again? Even if you win a million dollars and your financial thermostat is set at ten thousand dollars, the money you can actually utilize profitably and/or keep is $10,000! The rest of it, you can even invest in a way that seems wise to you but chances are, you might not be able to keep it or maintain it. Remember wealth is what you can keep, not really what you can get. Other exceptions have done well by seeking professional advice from Financial Advisers or chose to learn pretty quickly on financial literacy, and some made it ‘miraculously’.



This philosophy has a lot to do with our inner beliefs, family, friends, religion, occupation etc. These are the things that shape our perceptions and beliefs about money, business or even general life opportunities. Our mental programming revolves around the areas I just mentioned above. This is why sometimes people born in poverty sometimes may end up in the same vicious cycle. Not because they don’t work hard or aren’t smart enough or anything, no. If they are not able to undo some of the belief systems embedded in them during their upbringing, they just may end up in the same cycle. Therefore those who have been able to undo the negative programming and have started seeing money positively and seeing money only as a means to their goals and not goals, have been able to jump over the loop. Ask those who have come from ashes, there is one thing in common, they completely altered their mental programming and belief system. CEO and founder of Mindvalley, Mr. Vishen Lakhiani also in one of his interviews explains very clearly about MEANS goals and END goals and how to make goals setting an achievable process as opposed to our traditional goal setting process.

One great trainer in Network Marketing; Eric Worre also covered this area in one his training programmes and part of what he explained was that people jump into a roll of activity expecting their lives to change while not working on their mental programming and belief systems. They therefore put in a lot of effort and activity but they don’t accomplish much because their belief systems and mental programming did not provide them enough capacity to carry their dreams or fetch them the lifestyle they are looking for. John Maxwell is also quoted saying “Activity is not necessarily accomplishment”.


What to Do Now?

So, first things first; work on your mental programming and belief system, the rest of the things will be a lot easier to achieve. Increase capacity to carry your dreams, this cannot be achieved overnight but it’s something that can be done daily. Improve yourself daily, work on your areas of weakness, keep adding in your areas of strength and watch yourself grow by leaps and bounds. This development can be achieved through meditation, visualization and affirmations. Meditate at least twice a day, visualize what you perceive as a perfect life twice every day and have positive self-talk through the day. Write affirmations to recite twice every day, and have a clear vision of who you want to become and where you want to be in life. Do these activities preferably on waking and before sleeping, to embed a new belief system in your unconscious mind and change your mental programming. Work on finding the books and videos aforementioned and get more detail on the subject, this is one very interesting area you are just about to explore.



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