Greatest Salesman in the World

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Greatest Salesman in the World – Og Mandino.

I have read a number of sales and marketing books but Mandino’s books will always stand out mostly because of his style of writing. He chooses a setting, carefully builds his characters and winds the story around a subject that affects his target audience to bring out his ideas or punchline. This to me is more of a course than just a book to read; it takes about 11 months to finish, if you follow the instructions of the first scroll. In this particular book, the setting is Asia Minor within the period that Jesus was born and the beginning of the first church. This is a story of the main character, Hafid, a young camel boy who has great ambitions of becoming the greatest salesman in the world like his employer, Pathros.

He is given a test of selling a fine robe in the city of Bethlehem but his efforts prove futile. He goes back to the cave where he has been sleeping, after giving up and deciding to go back to Pathros and assume his former role of camel boy. In the cave He meets a family with a newborn and deep in his heart he feels it right to give the robe to the family to cover the child from the cold weather and heads back to Pathros a perceived failure in selling and he has even given away the robe for free.

Something unusual happens; a brightly shining star follows Hafid up the door of Pathros who has been waiting for a sign on someone special to hand over Secret Scrolls for the Greatest Salesman in the world that were handed to him by another great salesman. Later on, the ailing Pathros hands over the chest with the secret scrolls and sends Hafid to Damascus the hub of business in that region at the time with just a little money to get him started off and Pathros passes on. The rest of the book is really about the 10 secret scrolls explained one by one and the story ends with an extremely rich and old Hafid that gives away all his fortune and remains with just a little to get by. The person he hands over the scrolls to is, guess who? Paul, the man who used to persecute Christians! Great ending, isn’t it? The sign on Paul is the piece of cloth from Jesus of Nazareth’s Robe that was voted on by the soldiers that killed him, this is the same robe that Hafid gave to the family in the cave when he was being tested by Pathros! We can all agree that Paul was the greatest Salesman of his time, building a strong church that exists to-date and preaching all over.


The Ten Scrolls


The First scroll gives clear instructions on how exactly to read the scrolls for desired results.

Scroll #1: Instructions on reading the scrolls

Scroll #2: Selling with Love

Scroll #3: Persistence in business

Scroll #4: Nature’s greatest Miracle

Scroll #5: Living each day as if it is your last

Scroll #6: Mastery of Emotions

Scroll #7: Laughing as therapy

Scroll #8:  Multiplying Value

Scroll #9: Action

Scroll #10: God, a Superior Being & the prayer of a Salesman


The book is dedicated to a great salesperson, W. Clement Stone who was able to successfully wind his job as a sales man around his life and made selling his lifestyle. I would greatly recommend this book not only to people in the sales profession but also to every would-be entrepreneurs and people already in business, management or whatever kind of employment since no business is a business without selling.





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