YOU! The Greatest Asset You Own


In a leadership training I attended a few months ago, we were all asked to write a list of all the characteristics we were looking for in people that we would like to work with. Everyone got busy writing down all the values, virtues and characters they would have imagined in people they would love to work with in their places of business, employment, recreation, and other areas of their lives. Everyone was asked to read their lists aloud and bang! The facilitator asked; “Do you have all those Characteristics you listed?” Everyone was quiet, a few murmurs here and there about …umm I have some of them, umm I am currently working on this and that; in short we had EXCUSES.

This is to say that we have to continually keep working on ourselves daily and improving daily the areas we know in our lives need repairs. The fathers and pioneers of Personal Development including Jim Rohn have told us personal development doesn’t have to stop, they themselves also develop daily to keep bettering themselves and staying ahead of those they are leading. As John Maxwell Puts it, everything rises and falls on leadership, be it in church, business, employment and all other areas of occupation.

Personal Development also affects who we attract. We attract who we are, not who we want to attract or who we imagine as attracting. The people around us are a reflection of who we are and the vice versa holds true.  The people we have employed, the people that we work on projects with, business partners, our suppliers, friends and even spouses have been attracted to us majorly on the basis of who we are; don’t you think a more improved version of you would have attracted a more improved version of the people around you?

What are those simple things we need to do to improve ourselves? First we need to take a good audit of our lives, set our goals, create a plan to achieve those goals and then take massive action to achieve whatever goals we have set ahead of us. The goals could be long term or short term depending on how you plan on achieving them. The one thing I consider with Paramount Importance is, WHAT ARE YOU DOING DAILY? This could easily be translated as WHAT ARE Y OUR HABITS? When your goals have been broken down to as far as what can be done daily to improve yourself and move closer to your goals, you are on your way THERE.



I would like you to answer this question in your diary today; “WHAT IS MY PLAN FOR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR THE NEXT 5 YEARS?

You will slowly begin to realize how personal development actually affects your business, employability, relationships, leadership abilities and many other aeas of your life. Do we even take time daily to read books in our areas of specialization either at our workplaces or our business?

These questions can be answered after auditing your life, knowing the areas that need to be improved and setting goals in line with those improvements. Analysis is also a very important part of the process, it allows you to reflect and get to know how far you have gone from where you started and if there are any improvements to be noted, or areas where you are still lagging. Don’t forget to celebrate milestones as this will encourage you to move forward. Change is hard to come by and naturally, your system may resist change, don’t budge… keep moving in the direction of your DREAMS!

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